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Be Sure To Check Your Fees

Here at IWM Advisors, a key part of our investment philosophy is that investors should focus on what they can control. One thing that you can’t control is the market. However, there are three important things that you can control: fees, risk and taxes. This blog focuses on fees. Not sure what you are paying and…

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Where’s The Biggest Risk: Inside Your Portfolio or Inside Your Family?

Wealthy investors worry about many things that can injure their portfolios – bad markets, fees,  taxes.  However, the biggest danger to your investments may lie outside your portfolio. In this post, Family Wealth Advisor Peter Culver discusses the importance of family dynamics in preserving wealth. It was the classic American story. A hardworking entrepreneur, who…

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A Better Way To Approach Index Investing

Many studies have revealed that the majority of so-called ‘active’ money managers, who try and beat the market, rarely do so. When their performance is compared against their ‘benchmark,’ like the S&P 500, they come up short. If you like the concept of index investing – capturing market returns with low fees – but you…

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Are You Suffering From “Benchmark-itis”?

What is more important to you – beating a benchmark or another money manager, or reaching your personal financial goals?  Please read on to learn how adopting a “goals based” approach can help you avoid the curse of “benchmark-itis.” Numerous studies show that most so-called “active” money managers – money managers who try and beat…

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